The Leicestershire Academies Group was formed in 2015 in response to the changing profile of schools in Leicestershire from Local Authority Maintained Schools to 147 Academies in 2015 and still growing.  The group is growing rapidly.  We hope to provide a self-sufficient support to the Academy Sector within the Leicestershire area and beyond over the coming years.

The group intends to meet regularly during each academic year to hear from leading speakers, key updates and benefit from networking with other colleagues face to face and on-line.

This website has been set up to help our members extend their support for each other between meetings. Through this website our members enjoy access to discussion forums, related news items, sharing of sample documents, ideas and messaging tools.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or have any other questions, then please use the "Contact Us" form below.


Formation & Background

The Leicestershire Academies Group was formed as the result of an initial conference organised by Newbridge High School Academy on 29 January 2015 attended by 35 Academies, with a further Academies expressing interest in joining.

Special thanks to the Birmingham Bursars' Group and theSchoolBusinessForum for all the guidance and support in us developing this group.

There was unanimous support in creating a group that represents the Academies in the Leicestershire area for a minimal sum of £75 per annum providing:

 Over recent years there has been a large increase in Local Authority Maintained Schools converting to Academies in Leicestershire.  This has meant that collaboration and supporting each other in effective and efficient ways as Academies has become even more important to ensure we all contribute in raising the quality of the education provision in Leicestershire.  Traditional ways of information sharing and communication have in some areas become less relevant to the Academies agenda and LAG hopes to be able to provide a cost effective way to provide essential information, relevant training in collaboration with our existing Teaching Alliances and support to its members.

There are existing groups of schools and academies already within Leicestershire that meet and communicate to support each other in local clusters and others that meet across the county.  The intention of this Academies Group is not to replace any current effective group or partnership but rather hope to support our members in an alternative complimentary way.

Several committees were created within LAG on-line to start to develop this group.  The following are current members of the Executive Committee:




Executive Committee

Apollo Partnership Trust










Maxine Adams - Executive Chair

Donna Hudson-Bennett - Operations

Josh Wilson - IT








An Executive Committee was created and put together a proposed Constitution to be agreed by the membership at the first formal meeting of the group.

The first formal meeting of this group took place on 13 February 2015 at Apollo Partnership Trust (formally Newbridge High School Academy) where a proposed Constitution was agreed together with the first year's subscription fees. 

Membership is open to all Academies and any school considering converting or becoming an academy. Membership fees are currently £75.


Aims of Leicestershire Academies Groups (LAG)

To provide the above in a cost effective, efficient and inclusive way.

Membership is currently £75 per member which includes all conferences and on-line website support.

If an academy is a member then:

The Board of Trustees or Governing Body can join for £50 per annum and any member of the Governing Body or Board of Trustees can take advantage of the Chair's place at any conferences for free and nominate a Trustee/Governor to have access to the website.

Network Managers or those staff in charge of IT within the academy are able to join for free and attend IT specific conferences throughout the year free of charge.

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